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Special effects


We can design and run into live every possible stunt and special effect for movie production and performance. Our company provides the most demanding clients with a broad range of stunt effects. With the support of all the necessary equipment and the group of various specialists (e.g. acrobats, precision drivers, sky divers, scuba divers or mountaineers) our stuntmen can ably perform any challenging effect and event such as:

jumps and high-falls:

  • from buildings, constructions, bridges, elevtors and all kinds of vechicles
  • jumping out of planes, helicopters and air baloons
  • free falls into an air bag, cartons, mattresses
  • rope jumping, bungee jumping, falls using a descender


  • fist-fights
  • prop fights (pipes, knifes, sticks, bottles, chains etc.)

duels using blade weapons:

  • sabres
  • swords
  • rapiers

body burning:

  • limbs
  • head
  • full body burning (using a protection)

explosions and shootings:

  • front and back flips
  • flying through glass, walls and various props

knock-outs by a vehicle:

  • hitting a vehicle
  • jumping over a vehicle

extreme stunts:

  • in the water:
  • drowning
  • underwater fights
  • fast-paced motorboat chases (speedboats, water scooters, hovercrafts)
  • in the air:
  • fights in the air during free-falling
  • parachuting

complex visual effects

Resulting from combination of personal skills and technical devices as

  • a ratchet
  • an air ram
  • descenders
  • wire-work.

The most often obtained effects are:

  • levitation
  • falling
  • somersaulting
  • acrobatics in the air.
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