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Special effects


Special winter effects

  • snow (falling snow, snow cover)
  • frost
  • slab of ice
  • hoar – frost (rime)
  • slide

Artificial snow:

Material should match the specific requirement of director and producer. There are over one hundred types of artificial snow currently being manufactured. The substitute offers the same visual effects for camera as the real thing do. We prefer materials based on cellulose and other environment friendly because it satisfy all the ecological consideration of the location.


  • open area:
grass, lawn areas, threes, shrubs, buildings (roofs, walls, architectural details), streets
  • film studio
  • theatre stage
  • all kind of stage events
  • any other inside location

Setting the winter scenery for:

  • motion picture,
  • advertisement productions
  • television,
  • theaters,
  • entertainment industries
  • live events
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